Rivacold Chiller Monobloc


Rivacold Chiller Monobloc - FTM Range

The Rivacold Packaged Monoblock medium temperature units are ready to use and have been specially developed for small cold rooms. The Rivacold Monoblock units are quickly installed and give the best product storage conditions in terms of temperature and hygrometry.

The Rivacold Monoblock unit’s are built only from high reliability components. Self-supporting casing in zinc-plated metal sheet, which is coated with epoxy powder. The front panel is easy to remove in order to guarantee an easy access to the components and a fast maintenance. Hermetic compressors with thermal motor protection running on the latest refrigerants available.

The electronic control panel can be programmed according to different user requirements. The Rivacold packaged Block-system is contained in one compact housing, consisting of a condensing unit, evaporator and an electrical control panel. This solution enables the user a product which is easy to use and install with the maximum of installation versatility.

FA/FT Range for wall installation:
The FA versatility is highlighted in the dual mounting mode: saddle version (FA range) or plug-in insulating panel fitted version (FT range). Capillary expansion. Off cycle defrosting (HBP), and hot gas defrosting (MBP, LBP).

Key Product Features:
Plug in insulation style installation
Automatic defrosting with programmable run, duration and frequency settings ”Off cycle defrosting (HBP), and hot gas defrosting (MBP, LBP).”
Integral evaporating condensing water tray, or condensing water direct discharge
Electronic control panel
Cold room light with 2,5m long cable
Door micro switch with 2,5m long cable
Door heater cable for LBP items with 2,5m long cable
High pressure switch
Evaporating water tray
Power supply cable (L=2,5m)

FTM003G001 4.6 M3 16 AMP
FTM006G001 6.0 M3 16 AMP
FTM007G001 7.9 M3 16 AMP
FTM009G001 10.6 M3 16 AMP
FTM012G001 11.1 M3 16 AMP
FTM016G001 16.4 M3 20 AMP
FTM022G002 19.8M3 20 AMP
FTM028G002 23.9M3 20 AMP


Manufacturers Warranty:

12 Months Parts Only Warranty

Labour or consequential losses are not covered

Replacement parts fitting, refrigerant and stock losses are not covered

Free Delivery - 1-2 days lead time

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