Fermod 921 Cold Room Handle - Complete Kit

£70.00 Excl. VAT

Fermod 921 Automatic Composite Fastener Single Point.

The Fermod 921 Cold Room Handle - Complete Kit includes all necessary components for hinged rebated and overlapping coldroom doors. The handle is made from composite material and comes with external and internal handles, a strike, and a spacer. The handle comes in 3 different offsets, which correspond to door thickness plus door seal. These offsets are achieved through a selection of strike sizes and 17mm spacer shims. Please refer to images 3 & 4 for further details.

A Few Fitting tips:

To replace the handle, begin by removing the green rubber cap on the inner release handle. Next, unscrew the inner release and remove the connecting black push rod. Use a 17mm socket with an extension bar to turn the 17mm nut counterclockwise at the back of the external handle. There are also 2 slotted screws above and below the handle's latch part that need to be removed. This will release the handle from the door, leaving a reusable brass fixing plate. To install the handle, follow these steps in reverse. Make sure to check and adjust the strike as needed using an 8mm spanner. Be careful not to overtighten the door or put too much strain on the strike. If the door is twisted, try using a wooden block and pressure to realign it and ensure a tight seal.

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