Cold Room Door Offset - What is it?


Coldroom Door Offset.

When searching for a new handle, hinge, or door gasket for your cold room door, you might encounter the term "offset." 

Here's a breakdown of what it means:

1. Door Offset:

The door offset refers to the thickness of the door, including the gasket or door seal. For example, if the door is 100mm thick and the gasket is 20mm, the offset would be 120mm.

Some doors, such as Foster or Williams doors are recessed or partially recessed, meaning they have a smaller offset (40mm-60mm) compared to fully overlapping doors (80mm-120mm).

A fully recessed door is considered a flush door with no offset. You can determine the offset by closing the door and measuring from the frame's face to the door's outer edge.

Please see 'D' in the image below:


Coldroom door offset drawing

2. Gasket Offset:

The gasket offset is the gap between the door's inner face and the door frame. It's best to measure this on the hinged side, as gaskets can become compressed over time. This gives you a more accurate measurement.

3. Hinge Offset:

The hinge offset is usually measured from the frame or panel where it's mounted to the centre of the hinge where it's attached to the door. This information helps us recommend the appropriate replacement parts.




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