Fermod Sliding Door Track - 2120 Series - Absolute Coldroom

Fermod Sliding Door Track - 2120 Series

£493.00 Excl. VAT


Track to Suit maximum door weight of 60 kg, minimum door thickness of 40 mm

Features and advantages:

- Manual systems 2120 - 2130 - 2150 brackets have the same fixing positioning
- Using the same track, the difference comes from the accessories and floor guiding parts
- Pleasing appearance and cleanliness are achieved by the 15 microns anodised rail concealing the mechanical components
- Smooth and silent operation through using a dual roller system
- Through use of an anti-derailment feature safety is maximised
- The rail is easy to mount and requires minimum maintenance
- Extremely compact
- Excellent protection against corrosion
- Products in accordance to the European Directives and Standards
- The Fermatic 2120-2130-2150 are a perfect answer for use within the Food Industries, Kitchens, Clean Rooms and Supermarkets.

***SELECT EITHER CHILLER OR FREEZER: Freezer Kit comes with double the amount of door gasket to enable a double run.***

- Internal and external fixed handles

Fixed handles external 2320 - internal 2320
Fixed handles external 2420 - internal 8520

- Gaskets

Frame gasket 2311 - Fixing strips 3312 3314
Floor gasket 250 - Fixing strip 3362


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