Fermod Handle - Replacement Barrel and Keys

£36.50 Excl. VAT

Replacement Barrel and Keys for Fermod Locks.

Barrel comes with 2 keys. Keys are number specific. The current Fermod key numbers are 11050 and 41245. Newer versions are 311050 & 141256, but are compatible with the older version

Will fit the following Fermod handles - 921, 621, 521, 431 and 57/09 sliding door locks

 A Few Fitting Tips:

To replace the Barrel, first remove the green rubber cap from the inner release handle. Then remove the screws from within the inner release. Remove the black push rod that connects the inner and outer handle. You'll need a 17mm socket with an extension bar. Place the socket into the hole and find the 17mm nut which is at the back of the external handle. Turn anti-clockwise. There are 2 slotted screws above and below the latch part of the handle. Remove these and the handle will come free from the door. 
Once you have removed the external handle you will find a fixing screw that secures the barrel in place. Once removed you can fit the replacement barrel.

To fit the handle repeat the process in reverse. Once fitted, be sure to check the strike and adjust if necessary. You'll need an 8mm spanner for this. It's important to get the door to close as tight as possible without it being over tight and putting to much strain on the strike. You'll have to adjust it a few times and use your best judgement.

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