Fermod 758/e Cold Room Hinge

£200.00 Excl. VAT

Fermod 758/e rising hinge - 080144. Enamelled with non corrosive pin. For Hinged Cold room doors between 100mm and 145mm thick (including gasket depth) Supports up to 120Kg doors. Length of hinge 275mm.

Please selected Left for doors with hinges on Left hand side
Please select Right for door with hinges on right hand side
Price is for one individual hinge.Non corrosive pin
These hinges incorporate a spring device to ensure a positive seal at all times, compensating any yealding of the gasket, due to loss of elasticity, or in the event of any slight distortion of the door leaf.
With Delrin ramps rising the door up to 10 mm at 180° opening.

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