Fermod 621 Cold Room Door Handle

£134.00 Excl. VAT

Automatic Fastener 1 Point 620/621

Fermod 621 Lockable Handle. Include inner release handle and strike.

Spacer NO LONGER available. This handle is being phased out.

  • For hinged-doors:
  • Rebated doors: from 27 to 42 mm (incl. gasket)
  • Semi-overlapping doors: offset 42 mm maxi
  • Overlapping doors
  • Adjustable strike for 3 dimensions
  • Invisible and tamper-proof screws, when door closed
  • Interchangeable for left or right-hand doors
  • Enamelled for housing and strike
  • Grey hammered finish for handle

NOTE: Please compare this handle with the Fermod 921 Handle before purchasing.

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