Carel Coldwatch Entrapment Alarm

Carel Coldwatch Entrapment Alarm

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Carel ColdWatch Trapped Persons Alarm 

Trapped Person Alarm 230Vac 50/60Hz with 10hr 12Vdc Battery Back-up

The trapped personnel alarm kit is a safety system for installation inside low temperature cold rooms. It comprises: • control unit: installed outside the cold room; equipped with a siren and flashing light to signal the alarm; • backup battery: installed inside the control unit, supplies power in the event of a blackout; • emergency push-button: installed inside the cold room, the mushroom-head push-button has LED lighting for easy identification, even in the dark. ColdWatch complies with European standard EN 378-1, which requires the presence of an audible and visual safety device in cold rooms with a volume exceeding 10 m3 and operating at temperatures below zero.

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