Our Top Five Cold Room Door Handles

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Our Top Five Coldroom Doors Handles

Not necessarily the best, but certainly some of the most common:


  1. Jumbo System 6000 by Rarhbach - Germany
  2. Fermod 921 Handle by Fermod - France
  3. Kason 0058 Handle by Kason - USA
  4. Fermod 521 Handle by Fermod - France
  5. MTH - 500 TN Handle by MTH - Italy


Jumbo System 6000 by Rarhbach:

This handle is usually found on small modular coldrooms such as Porkka rooms. It come in grey enamel or chrome finish. The two main issues with this handle, or reasons it needs replacing is either a broken spring in the main body of the handle or a damaged strike or latch. They are easy to replace by unscrewing the internal handle anti-clockwise. Link to Parts - Click Here 




Fermod 921 Handle by Fermod: This is probably, in my opinion, the most common handle found on cold room doors in the UK. It has been used by most independent cold room door manufacturers for many years. Only now being superseded by the newer Fermod 521 handle. Its very robust and in most cases it is either the internal release or emergency release that needs replacing. It's often damaged by trolleys and pallet trucks as they come in and out of the room. The strike or latch also gets damaged. Usually the catch breaks off, but this is easily replaced. Link to parts - Click Here




Kason 58 Handle by Kason: Found on old Foster Coldstores and Williams doors. Very often on Flush or semi-rebated doors. The internal spring usually goes on these handles. You'l know because the sprung loaded latching part won't work. Very easy to replace with just four screws to remove. There are other chrome handles out there that look very similar. These are by CHG and have a slightly different shoe and the screw hole centres are sightly out. Although you can usually re-tap the holes and get the Kason 58 to fit in it's place. Link to parts - Click Here

 Kason 58 Chrome Locking Cold Room Handle - Absolute Coldroom


Fermod 521 Handle by Fermod: The newer 521 handle is similar to the 921, but with a rounded body and strike. This handle is currently fitted to all new Foster Coldstore doors and is becoming the new Fermod handle of choice. To swap the handle for a new one the internal release handle needs removing, and by using a 17mm socket and slotted screw driver the main body of the handle can be removed from the door. Link to parts - Click Here 


MTH handle by MTH: The MTH handle is a face mounted handle with the internal handle catching against the strike to hold the door shut. The strike is a small plate mount on the door reveal. The external and internal handle clamp themselves onto the door by two 6mm threaded rods. You just need a 13mm socket or spanner to remove the handles. Link to parts - Click Here 



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