Coldroom Door Seal - Fermod 67 Gasket

67 Cold Room Fermod Gasket

How to Fit Fermod 67 Gasket 

Following on from our last post about gaskets, we thought we would share our thoughts on the Fermod 67 gasket or door seal. It is probably the easiest gasket to retrofit to a hinged coldroom door. We buy it in long rolls and cut it down to 6m lengths making it perfect to re-gasket a single door.

Simply remove the old gasket and fix the 67 gasket to the edges of the door using the pre-drilled retaining strip. The corners don't need anything too fancy. On the two upright pieces of the gasket cut away 40mm of the inner section, leaving the middle intact. The piece that runs across the top of the door can be cut square and slot into the rebate you have just created. Using the ends of the retaining strip to fix down where the two gaskets meet. Repeat at the bottom of the door if it is a four-sided gasket.

The gasket is black EDPM that is suitable for temperatures down to -45°c. It is 40mm wide and 19mm deep. Please bear this in mind and check the depth of your old gasket. You may have to adjust your hinges to suit. Sometime this can't be avoided, unfortunately!

Please follow this link to view the gasket: FERMOD 67 GASKET

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