Cold Rooms and Condensation Problems

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Condensation can be a big problem in Coldrooms and Coldstores. It is caused when warm, moist air comes into contact with a colder surfaces like coldroom doors and frames. If left untreated condensation damp can lead to mold, damage and also can be a Health and Safety issue. This effect is intensified in the the colder winter months. 

Condensation can also occur in the spring and summer months. This can be due to the location, temperature and humidity around your coldroom. Basically, when the dew point in the air comes into contact with a surface with a lower dew point on your cold room, door or frame, moisture buildup occurs. This is most obvious in warehouses and areas where there is no heating. While some condensation is not necessarily a bad thing, an excess amount is something that should be addressed.

Causes of condensation on your coldroom maybe due to several factors. Condensation at low level on external panels is usually due to inadequate or a breakdown in insulation. It could also be caused by thermal bridging and a lack of ventilation or air movement. 

Very often the first solution is to replace damaged or missing door seals. Maybe just adjusting the door handle strike, so the door has a better seal will help. Often pooling water is found on the floor somewhere near the coldroom. From experience, this is usually coming from a void at the side or behind the room. There will be lack of air movement or ventilation and condensation forms on the coldroom wall, then running to the lowest point. Some kind of ventilation or exaction is the cure for this.

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