McCue Green Guard Bumper Rail - Absolute Coldroom

McCue 2" Green Guard Bumper and Retainer - Steel Grey

£64.00 Excl. VAT

McCue 2" Green Guard Bumper and Retainer - 3658mm

Shock-Absorbing Bumpers Offering Unparalleled Protection

McCue have been designing and making bumpers for demanding retail environments for over 30 years. They offer a complete line of shock-absorbing bumpers designed to protect fixtures, walls, refrigerated cases and more. All of their bumper lines are modular with moulded ends and corners, can be easily cut to length, and have concealed hardware for a clean look and to eliminate any catching points. McCue Bumpers are a simple way to keep your fixtures and stores looking good for years to come.

McDonalds Specification

Bumper end caps shown in image for illustration purposes only. These can be purchased separately by clicking the link below.

Bumper end caps - click here

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