A Guide to Coldroom Gaskets and Door Seals

Gaskets are an essential part of maintaining temperature in a coldroom or cold store. When gaskets are not properly maintained they allow the refrigerated air to escape, which not only increases the running costs, but can also create problems with food products which need to be kept at a specific temperature.

The condition of your fridge door seals is often a check for the environmental health officer. Damaged or perished seals will result in failing their inspection.

You should inspect the coldroom door gasket at regular intervals (we suggest 3 months) or have a qualified coldroom engineer do a check as part of a quarterly maintenance plan.

Replacing the gasket can be straightforward forward providing you can find a like-for-like replacement. There are various universal gaskets, but the main thing to take into account is the offset or depth of the gasket. If this is not correct your door may be hinge bound* (see below) or not seal correctly.

*A hinge-bound door is where the gasket is too thick on the hinged side and prevents the door from closing correctly, often putting strain on the hinges and making it too tight for the door to close shut.

You can click here to see our range of gaskets or if you can't find the one you need just email websales@absolutecoldroom.co.uk and we will help you find the right seal for your door.

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