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Insu-Flex Insulated Thermal Strip Curtain


Insu-Flex Insulated Strip Curtain

Insulated Thermal Strips contain a food grade 11mm thick, double backed aluminium foam insulation, this provides improved insulation properties when compared to PVC strip curtains. The 11mm thick insulation barriers are wrapped in PVC coated cloth creating an air pocket and have welded external seams to ensure a fully sealed insulated strip, and ensure the outer skin of the insulated strip curtains are very strong and durable. Insulated strip curtains sealed in this manner will stop air ingress within the strip curtain, reduce condensation and ice build-up within the individual strips.

Comes with a welded clear PVC strip window, this allows visibility into the cold store environment, improving health and safety in the cold room. PVC strips on their own are known for assisting with insulation and temperature control in chiller and freezer environments, insulated strip curtains are simply the next step in cold store maintenance and management.

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