Fermod 2224 Pressure Relief Valve

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Fermod 2224 Pressure Relief Valve.

Wall or Ceiling mounted pressure relief vent for cold rooms up to 2700 ft3 - Patented.

The Fermod 2224 Pressure Relief Valve Extends in depth from 2 ¼ to 4 ¾ inches (up to 7 ¾ inches with the aluminium extension tube)
Easy mounting
Increased air-flow

The walls of a cold room are constantly subjected to strains caused by pressure variations, either from inside or outside.
The patented FERMOD pressure relief vents allow the balance of internal and external pressures.

Expandable vent : one size fits all-from 2 ¼ inches to 4 ¾ inches wall thickness and up to 7 ¾ inches with the aluminium extension tube
For 4 ¾ inches maximum ceiling thickness
3 possible options for the cable outlet: external/vertical to the panel or through the panel
Wall or ceiling mounting
28% increase in flow compared with the market-leading competitor
Fermod vent saves significant mount time vs the competition
Airtight mobile flaps to limit ice formation in cold room
Watertight mounting to avoid ice formation between the valve and the wall
10W heating element is completely encapsulated in the vent
Rust free
Made of chemically resistant composite material The 2224 and 2226 vents are Recognized under the Component Recognition Program of UL according to the following standards: UL 471 & CSA C22.2 N° 120

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